Help Protect Tongass National Forest: Stop the Clearcutting

Alexander Archipelago wolf

Timber companies are about to start their chainsaws. The Trump administration has finalized its plan to eliminate protections for over 9 million acres of old-growth forest in Alaska's Tongass National Forest. We have fewer than 30 days to stop them.

Alaska's Tongass National Forest is nothing short of magical: it contains centuries-old trees and one-of-a-kind wilderness, home to animals like Alexander Archipelago wolves and bald eagles. It's also a powerful bulwark against the climate crisis. What's more, this decision sets a dangerous precedent and jeopardizes all our national forests. Your voice is needed to pressure Congress to bring an end to old growth logging and enact permanent protections for the Tongass for our children and grandchildren.

Take action today to save the Tongass National Forest.


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Photo credit: B. Bartel/USFWS