Moab, UT just committed to 100% clean, renewable energy -- Now tell your local leaders you're ready for 100% too!

Moab, UT is Ready For 100 percent clean energy!
We’re at a tipping point for clean and renewable energy. 

In November, 2016 the Salt Lake City Council passed a joint resolution, signed by Mayor Biskupski, to set a goal of 100% Renewable Energy for community electricity supply by 2032, with an interim 50% renewable electricity supply goal by 2020. The resolution also includes a goal of 80% reduction of community greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The City is currently in negotiations with Rocky Mountain Power to achieve these goals.

In March, 2016 the Park City Council unanimously passed Resolution No. 04-16 to achieve net-zero carbon by 2022 for all municipal government operations, and by 2032 for the broader community. The city council has emphasized that they will achieve this goal by working with Rocky Mountain Power to build new, designated renewable energy power plants.  The resolution also included a provision to reach out to other local governments and encourage similar goals.

On February 14, 2017, Moab, UT became the 23rd city in the United States to formally commit to 100% clean, renewable energy. 

For too long, cities like Moab have suffered the consequences of dirty fossil fuels like coal and gas. Canyonlands National Park, just on the outskirts of Moab, has been marred by haze pollution from nearby coal plants, threatening the lifeblood of its tourism community. At every turn, Rocky Mountain Power has fought efforts to reduce coal pollution from these plants, while simultaneously fighting clean energy and locking Utahns into more coal-fired power. 

Enough is enough. Now, cities and communities like Moab are fighting back. By committing to 100% clean and renewable energy like wind and solar, we are charting a course away from dirty fossil fuels to one where there are more jobs in clean energy, more energy security for families and our most vulnerable residents, and more opportunities for people across the country.

Why? Because cleaner, cheaper, healthier energy is here! Wind power generation has more than doubled in the past four years, and over the past six years has plummeted in price. Solar power generation has increased by a factor of five, making solar one of the fastest-growing industries in America, and the fastest-growing industry in the world! Which means that supporting clean energy is not just about leadership, it’s also about supporting our local economies, jobs, and the health of our communities. 

Are you ready for 100% clean and renewable energy for all? Tell your mayor and local leaders that you're ready for 100% clean and renewable energy now!


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