Enough! Demand Sec. Zinke resign

Secretary Zinke acts like he works for the oil and gas lobby, but he doesn’t -- he works for us. And after a year in office, Zinke is responsible for the largest rollback of public land protections in history. He’s risking our economy, ecosystems and gateway communities with his unilateral decisions to put profit and pollution over public.

Pruitt’s scandals have been making headlines lately, but Zinke is guilty of equally outrageous corruption -- from booking lavish private flights to awarding a $300 million contract to a two-person company in his hometown. Zinke is even on-record apologizing, not once but twice, to the mining industry for environmental safeguards slowing their extraction efforts.

This is ALL at the expense of hardworking Americans. This is irresponsible and unacceptable, and he must resign for this gross misconduct.

Send an email to Zinke, demanding he resigns immediately.


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